Liansin’s line of products have received many certifications both locally and internationally for their renowned quality assurance.
Our products are suitable for people of every ethnicity along with affordable prices. Making us a trusted and supported rice brand.

Bario O'Grain

Beras Bario

Grade: Special Rice (Borneo Highland)

Weight: 1kg

Texture: Soft & Fine Grain Rice

Suitable For: Home Meal

Beras Pulut

Super Import Beras Istimewa

Grade: Pulut

Weight: 5kg

Texture: Sticky

Suitable For: Lemang, Ketupat & Desserts

Beras Pulut Susu

Special Milky Glutinous Rice

Grade: Super Import Pulut

Weight: 2kg

Texture: Soft & Sticky

Suitable For: Lemang, Ketupat & Cakes

Biryani King

Extra Long Basmathi

Grade: Super Special Basmathi

Weight: 5kg

Texture: Characteristic, Scent & Taste

Suitable For: Nasi Biryani, Nasi Tomato & Nasi Minyak


Beras Herba

Grade: Basmathi Import(India)

Weight: 335g (6-in-1 Special Box), 1kg & 5kg

Texture: Long & Soft

Suitable For: Family Meals